Specialist training- delivered by the experts

While enhancing your skills at the CARLISLE® ACADEMY, you will learn about our RESITRIX®, HERTALAN®, ALUTRIX® and RHINOBOND® products. We will share tried and tested benefits of EPDM solutions on and around roofs, façades and buildings. The result: you improve the standard of quality you deliver and therefore increase customer satisfaction.

Covers HERTALAN roofing system, including sealants and application methods. One day training covers all aspects of our award-winning HERTALAN EPDM in a certified course.

Covers RESITRIX® roofing system, including ALUTRIX® vapour barrier, sealants and application methods. One day training covers all aspects of our award-winning RESITRIX® EPDM in a certified course.

Advanced two days BCP (basic competency programme) in single-ply roofing enables you to apply for a red CSCS card.

Covers HERTALAN® roofing systems for Platinum+ contractors only. This extensive training includes application methods. One day training covers all aspects of our award-winning HERTALAN® EPDM in a certified course.

Why do trained professionals still need training courses anyway? It’s quite simple: because lifelong learning is more than just a buzzword. It’s a crucial success factor when it comes to helping people and the company get ahead.

Industry leading training
delivered by the professionals to the professionals

At CARLISLE® ACADEMY our team of expert trainers shares the industry-leading installation practices for the cost-effective and efficient installation of EPDM for flat roofs. Our training also covers the legal and UK regulations to help plan your projects.

“Knowledge is a sustainable material.
The more you share it, the more you get back.”

John Whittaker homepage

John Whittaker
Head of Training, CARLISLE® ACADEMY

“To achieve a truly water-tight solution,
two components, in particular, must be bonded seamlessly with each other – the product and the installer.”

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Frank Turner

“We are proud of the fact that we can help to create design inspirations in our training courses.”

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Stewart Orton