Get the CARLISLE® ACADEMY advantage
1. Further training - the key to success

With further training in your profession, you are investing in your future. The more you know about a product and its practical application, the more efficient and effective you will become in your everyday work. This gives you an important advantage over the competition – and increases customer satisfaction over the long term.

2. Bespoke training

Just like our products for flat roofs, our
bespoke training covers your professional requirement. At the CARLISLE® ACADEMY, we offer you a roofing skills enhancement that fits your needs, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned roofer, a contractor, an architect or a distributor.

3. Expertise from the market leader

As the largest EPDM manufacturer in Europe, we know what we’re talking about. Since we manufacture a range of different EPDM products and constantly develop them, the information provided at the CARLISLE® ACADEMY is first-hand, and you can learn about the versatile material and its potential uses in great detail.

4. Training delivered by professionals

Our trainers come with a wealth of industry and practical knowledge and maintain very close links with trade challenges. Every trainer is professionally qualified and trained instructors and understands the challenges you face every day and offer you workable solutions that you can put into practice immediately after the training course is over.

5. Hands-on training

Practice is better than theory – at the CARLISLE® ACADEMY, you practice handling our products until you are a master of them. Our practical exercises usually produce a “wow” moment: the advantages of fast and simple installation with a hot-air device instead of a naked flame are appreciated straight away.

6. Don’t be afraid of standards!

Our training is industry recognised and one of the ways roofing professionals keep up to date with new developments and standards. Complex regulations and constantly changing standards are off-putting to many roofers. Our training covers these as and looks from the trade point of view.

7. Recommendations thanks to certification

With certification from the CARLISLE® ACADEMY, your company is showing that it belongs to a group of trained EPDM professionals – which is a powerful selling point to customers. You will also benefit from our project leads and which in turn can give you a chance to work on some prestigious projects.

8. Passion and dedication

We put a lot of passion into developing our products and this is also evident in our seminar leaders. Our trainers share their knowledge with an enthusiasm that is quite infectious. With passion and dedication, they turn even dry facts into entertaining pieces of information and ensure that learning is actually fun.